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  • DW DWe 5-PC Kit Bundle 22/10/12/16/14sn w/ 4 Cymbal Pack and Hardware Pack (White Marine Pearl)
  • DW DWe 5-PC Kit Bundle 22/10/12/16/14sn w/ 4 Cymbal Pack and Hardware Pack (White Marine Pearl)
  • DW DWe 5-PC Kit Bundle 22/10/12/16/14sn w/ 4 Cymbal Pack and Hardware Pack (White Marine Pearl)
  • DW DWe 5-PC Kit Bundle 22/10/12/16/14sn w/ 4 Cymbal Pack and Hardware Pack (White Marine Pearl)
  • DW DWe 5-PC Kit Bundle 22/10/12/16/14sn w/ 4 Cymbal Pack and Hardware Pack (White Marine Pearl)
  • DW DWe 5-PC Kit Bundle 22/10/12/16/14sn w/ 4 Cymbal Pack and Hardware Pack (White Marine Pearl)

DWe 5-PC Kit Bundle 22/10/12/16/14sn w/ 4 Cymbal Pack and Hardware Pack (White Marine Pearl)

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This complete kit bundle features a DWe 5-piece shell pack, 4 cymbal pack, and 5000 series hardware pack.

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Product Overview

DWe™ introduces the first-ever acoustic and electronic convertible drum set with wireless technology. Blending authentic DW shells with innovative electronics, DWe is DW, Electrified.


DWe can be played as a Pure Maple™ acoustic drum set, or as a completely wireless electronic kit. All components come standard to easily convert the kit from acoustic to electronic. Built on a platform of American-made, handcrafted acoustic shells, and a proprietary wireless ecosystem, DWe lets you decide how you want to play given any situation. Be prepared for anything from practicing in your bedroom to playing live on the world’s biggest stages, recording in the studio to creating your own content.


DWe introduces a new era of wireless electronic drums. Using a proprietary wireless technology, your drums are ready to play straight out of the box with no wires or cables required. Simply sit down and play to connect your drums to your included wireless DrumLink™ hub that connects to your computer or audio interface. Set up and tear down has never been easier.


DWe is designed and manufactured in the DW Drums factory in California. Leveraging five decades of American made craftsmanship and innovation, DWe delivers the same premium quality you expect from Drum Workshop. Every DWe e33™ shell is constructed of nine-ply Pure North American Hard Rock Maple in a patented 333™ shell configuration.


Outfitted with a true bearing edge on each drum and a mylar resonant head, DWe drums produce a subtle, low volume tone for the player to hear the pitch of the shell when played electronically. And each shell is easily converted to a true acoustic DW drum that delivers everything you expect from DW Drums and more.


Electronic innovation is built into every DWe kit with features including a digiMAG snare throw off, pressure sensing cross stick detection and pitch bend capabilities make DWe the most authentic and natural playing electronic kit you have ever experienced. DWe leverages an innovative wireless trigger solution that enables up to 10 zones and 16 velocities per drum, giving you a truly authentic range of dynamics for your playing. The combination of true DW shells mounted with the STM™ suspension system and graduated hoops make DWe engineered for expression.


Powered by the included DW Soundworks™ software, DWe drums connect to your computer through a low-latency wireless connection via the provided DrumLink USB hub. Enabling up to 30 active instruments at a time, the hub also has the capability to convert wireless signals into MIDI data for DW Soundworks or third-party software integration. Using the included RTAP Audio Processor, DWe is easy to setup and control.


DW Soundworks has been designed by DW to deliver a powerful software solution that puts the drummer in control of their sound. With an intuitive, simple interface and advanced controls for those who want to fine tune every detail, DW Soundworks delivers the most authentic experience whether it is powering DWe or being used as a standalone VST. DWe has been designed to integrate into your workflow seamlessly. Connect DW Soundworks to any DAW, provide multi-channel outputs or hook it up to your favorite module.


With DW Drums samples recorded at the DW factory to the exact specifications of the manufacturer, DWe includes the most authentic representation of DW sounds anywhere. And with the ability to add new sound packs to your library whenever you want, there is no better way to customize your sound. DW Soundworks allows for complete sound customization and creation using the advanced trigger settings and editing capabilities, providing up to 18 layers of multi-articulation definition per instrument.


Every part of the playing experience has been designed with the drummer in mind. From the simplicity of wireless and industry leading hardware, to invisibly embedded technology and user-friendly software, the innovation in DWe is designed to let you focus on your playing.


DWe leverages generations of quality standards and expertise from both Drum Workshop and Roland Corporation to deliver best-in-class dependability.


This DWe 5-Piece Complete Kit bundle is outfitted with a White Marine Pearl finish and features 8x10" and 9x12" mounted toms, 14x16” floor tom, 16x22” bass drum and 6.5x14” snare drum. This complete kit bundle also includes a license for DW Soundworks, a DrumLink wireless hub, RTAP Audio Processor, both acoustic and electronic drum heads for rapid conversion and much more.


Included in this complete kit bundle are a DWe Cymbal Pack and DWCP5000PK5 hardware pack. The DWe Cymbal Pack includes a full setup of DWe cymbals with one 14” Hi-hat, two 16” Crash/Rides, one 18” Crash/Ride, and all cymbal mounting accessories. The metal cymbals fit traditional cymbal stands and offer a cable-free profile.


5000 Series hardware is engineered for performance and the 5000 pedal is a legendary part of DW’s legacy. In addition to a 5000 Series bass drum pedal, the hardware pack includes one 5300 Snare Stand, one 5500TD Hi-Hat Stand, two 5791 Combo Stands (cymbal-tom stands) and one 5700 Cymbal Stand. *


  • 5 Piece acoustic-electronic convertible drum set
  • Nine-ply, 100% North American Pure Maple shells
  • DWe cymbal pack with 4 metal cymbals
  • DW 5000 Series 6-Piece hardware pack
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Acoustic Drum Features

Crafted from a 333 Pure Maple Shell, DWe drums leverage DW's acoustic innovation refined over the past five decades.

Acoustic-Electronic Convertible

DWe Drums feature authentic acoustic shells that can be converted from electronic by simply removing the DWe trigger star plates with drum key screws and changing the batter side drum heads from mesh to the included mylar heads.

Pure Maple Shell Construction

DWe e33 Series™ shells are handcrafted from 100% North American Hard Rock Maple. These drums are built with DW’s patented 333 technique, which features Maple plies with grains oriented in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal (X-shell) patterns to deliver low, punchy fundamentals.

Made in the U.S.A.

All DWe e33 Series™ drums are designed and manufactured in Oxnard, California, USA.

Batter Heads

DWe is delivered with mesh batter heads installed for electronic use, as well as mylar batter heads for conversion to acoustic.  8-12" drums come installed with 2-ply mesh heads and 14"-16" drums feature 3-ply mesh heads featuring patented Roland technology from the Power Ply series. 20"-22" woven mesh heads from Remo USA included for Bass Drum batter side.  The included 8"-16" tom mylar heads are single-ply coated clear DW Heads made by Remo USA, and a DW Heads 14" coated snare batter made by Remo USA is also included.

Counter Hoops

DWe drums are fitted with Chrome, graduated triple-flange hoops to give your drums great tonal versatility. These hoops feature graduated weights (1.6mm for 8 and 10" toms, 2.3mm for 12-16" toms, and 3mm for snares).

STM™ - Suspension Tom Mounts

DW’s Patented STM™ (Suspension Tom Mount) system allows shells maximum resonance while securing the toms in place. No washers or grommets contact the lug rod receivers, so choking is reduced, and tuning is as easy as ever.

Tom Legs

e33™  Series® resonant floor tom legs are 1/2" in diameter, 21" in length, and fabricated in chrome-plated steel.

Electronic Drum Features

Innovation is built into the DNA of DWe, delivering a playing experience that makes technology feel invisible.

Proprietary Wireless Technology

DWe features a proprietary wireless protocol called DrumLink™ which is based on 2.4GHz and is designed exclusively for drums.  With its unique ability of only sending small micro packets of data at a time the DrumLink wireless protocol avoids any impact from RF interference.

5 Zone Snare Drum

DWe snare features 5 zones for an expressive playing experience. Additionally, by disengaging the digiMag™ throw-off the snare drum has the ability to switch between 10 sounds - 5 sounds with the throw-off engaged and 5 with the throw-off disengaged.

digiMag™ Snare Throw-Off

The digiMag™ snare throw-off allows you to change the sound of the drum with a flip of the throw-off. With 5 sounds per drum, disengaging the throw-off engages five additional sounds for your snare.

Pressure-Sensing Cross-Stick Detection

Play cross-stick naturally with pressure-sensing cross-stick capabilities on your snare drum.

Pressure-Sensitive Pitch Bend

With pressure-sensitive pitch bend on your toms, you can change the pitch of a drum by simply applying pressure to the mesh head.

Hand Dampening Toms

Dampen the resonance of your toms naturally by using your hand on your mesh heads.

Universal Midi Controller

Your DWe kit is compatible with music production software that supports AAX, AU, and VST plug-in formats and functions as a wireless MIDI controller.

Module Compatibility

Easily connect the DrumLink™ wireless hub to a any drum module that has a standard MIDI in input to use your drums as a MIDI controller for any module.

Battery Life

All DWe drums are powered by AA batteries (included) with an expected battery life of 1-2 years (depending on frequency of playing).

DWe Cymbal Features

DWe Cymbals feature wireless technology and all metal playing surfaces to deliver natural feel and playability.


Integrated wireless technology means your cymbals are free to rotate without being held back by cables.

3 Zone

Every DWe cymbal includes 3 zones including bell, bow, and edge playing areas for an authentic cymbal playing feel.

360-Degree Trigger Sensing

Each DWe cymbal includes 360-degree trigger sensing so your cymbals can rotate freely without impacting your playing experience.

Edge Choke

360-degree edge choke on all Crash/ Ride cymbals allows the player to control cymbal sustain.

Seperate Raised Bell

All cymbals include a raised bell for natural feel and zone separation.

2-Piece Hi-Hat

The DWe Hi-hat features a two-piece design with a top and bottom cymbal so it has a more natural playing response.

Sold Individually or Bundle

14", 16", 18" crash/ ride, and 14" hi-hat cymbals are sold a la carte or bundled (2 cymbals plus hi-hat, 3 cymbals plus hi-hat)

Battery Life

All DWe drums are powered by AA batteries (included) with an expected battery life of 1-2 years (depending on frequency of playing).

DW Soundworks Features

DWe Drum Sound Platform

DWe drums run using the DW SoundworksTM software platform on your personal computer, providing powerful control of your drum sound and advanced functionality for use on stage, in the studio, or practice situations.

Expandable Sound Library

DW Soundworks™ Expansion Packs allow you to add new sounds to your library including additional drum kits, signature artist sounds, and more.

DAW Compatibility

DW Soundworks™ is a plugin that can be used with any DAW that supports AAX, AU, or VST, enabling you to access your DW Soundworks library of virtual sounds and settings in your production workflow.

Advanced Trigger Settings

Access advanced trigger settings, and edit your sounds to your exact preferences.  DW Soundworks™ instrument designer allows you to modify your sound with up to 18 layers per articulation on each instrument you create and built-in FX modules.

Active Instruments

DW Soundworks™ enables up to 30 active instruments simultaneously for category-leading expandability.

Sample Recording

Each sound sample was recorded with up to 15 microphones, each individually accessible within DW Soundworks for precise control and customization of your sound.


All drum samples are recorded in high fidelity at 88.2kHz and 24-bit and output at 44.1kHz, 16-bit in DW Soundworks.

Setlist and Favorites Mode

DW Soundworks™ features a setlist and a favorites mode to provide easy access for changing sounds and settings while on a gig.

Groove Library

DW Soundworks™ comes with a robust groove library to allow you to choose from a library of drum grooves for any recording situation.

External Drive Access

Store your sound libraries on an external hard drive so you never run out of space to store your favorite sounds.

Updateable Firmware & Software

Keep your software and firmware constantly updated through Roland Cloud Manager.

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